GeoMoby technology allows greater underground communication

A West Australian geolocation intelligence company has developed world-first technology that allows surface-to-underground communication through smart devices.

The technology means photographs and video can be sent to the surface from remote tunnels in deep underground sites.

GeoMoby uses wireless, cable-free and reusable beacons to geofence sites, track assets and check in on workforces, providing a layer of safety and efficiency never seen before.

GeoMoby founder Chris Baudia said the accuracy of its Real Time Location Services allowed improved personnel safety, pinpointing locations within one metre of incidents, emergencies or equipment break down.

“If an incident occurs underground, mining companies are currently blind and rely on radio transmissions to pinpoint locations and relay instructions on how to respond,” Baudia said.

“Our technology gives operators on the surface a clear picture of who is where underground, while allowing those below the surface to send and receive phone calls, videos, photos and audio files.

“Live mapping of assets is not only beneficial for safety reasons. It allows operators to monitor equipment like trucks and other expensive machinery, checking speed, location, routes, and other information.”

GeoMoby’s geolocation intelligence acts independent of wifi, which can cost companies millions of dollars each year to maintain and does not give the range that GeoMoby’s technology does.

“Data collected can be used to boost productivity. In fact, our live field reporting and automated timesheets resulted in a 20 per cent boost in productivity for one of our clients,” Baudia said.

While underground mining is a clear beneficiary of this new technology, there are multiple applications across a range of industries including insurance, retail, and health and safety.

“Contact tracing is a huge priority for companies now,” Baudia said.

“The pandemic has increased demand from employees to feel safe at work. We provide technology that benefits both employers and employees.”


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GeoMoby technology allows greater underground communication