Visualise Your People

Your eyes in the dark

Stay informed and in control at all times from anywhere to guarantee the safety of your workforce at all times, underground, above ground or indoors.

Detect emergency situations and act immediately.

Activity Monitoring
Underground Mobile App

Stay connected with your staff underground: send real-time messages, receive pictures and manage emergency situations.

Visualise Your Workforce

With a world-class cross-environment positioning system, access all your personnel visibility requirements.

Reduce Operational Costs

The future of informed decision making power, with a data-driven experience, that enables insightful labour management.

Superior Battery Efficiency

With patented smart battery management, experience minimal battery drain with battery life of up to 10-12 months

Wireless, Cable-free Technology

A 100% wireless and cable-free network underground by using BLE5 technology and unpowered nodes to generate live data

Seamless Integration

A dedicated IT team will shape our technology according to your requirements and expectations. A smooth and simple integration on our innovative and powerful platform.

Make Better Business Decisions

Worldwide patented and feature-rich, cloud solution changing the way businesses make decisions and reach people.

Live Mapping

With the use of BLE technology, you’re covered even in complex environments.

Analytics, Reporting

Standard metrics out of the box, contextual and behavioural analytics, custom reports at your request. Real answers, in real-time.

Fast Deployment

Multi devices, cable-free, wireless, easy to set up, affordable, and seamless integration with existing systems

Visualise Your People Solution
Key Benefits

Accurate, real-time location and communication network to guarantee the safety of your people

Generate customised analytics so you can learn how to manage your workforce in the most secure, efficient and productive way

Combine output with dynamic scheduling tools to enable agile operations

Feature Visualise Your People
Raw data access and formatting
Live mapping
Underground mobile app
Superior people visualisation underground
People visualisation above ground and indoors
Hazard ID automation
Polygon creators
Unlimited triggers on events
Advanced reporting
Data analytics
PowerBI dashboards
Analytics on health and safety
All-in-one watch with health metrics
Heat maps
Wellbeing check-in
PowerBI reports
Underground cable-free nodes ENQUIRE
Firmware Customisation ENQUIRE
Development of a Custom Connector ENQUIRE
GeoMoby Virtual Beacon App for Tablets ENQUIRE
Less intuition. Smarter decisions.

When you control your data, you control your future.

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