GeoMoby monitors employees and achieves 20% gain in productivity


Global companies on the construction market face common challenges including maintaining high levels of productivity with the key objective to increase efficiency and safety on-site.

Those objectives can be achieved with the help of location services.

Common industry options like RFID or QR codes are unable to support true real-time monitoring and can be costly to implement and maintain.

A global construction and mining engineering company (ASX-listed, AUD80M+ annual revenue) needed to identify and address bottlenecks and irregularities including a high and inconsistent aggregated travel time due to incorrectly placed key maintenance and water containers.

In order to improve safety, efficiency and on-site productivity, the engineering company would need to use a new kind of highly accurate monitoring solution. They required a system that could add further value through real-time options like live field reporting and automated timesheet features to synchronize directly with accounting and payroll systems.

After testing multiple manufacturers, GeoMoby™ chose BLE beacons for their RF reliability and battery life.

Following the successful pilot using a handful of smartwatches, GeoMoby™ deployed 200 beacons across six sites and helped achieving an estimated 20% gain in productivity.

  • Safety monitoring of what is happening on-site, at all times, keeping you informed in an efficient way.
  • Setting-up geofences to detect employee’s location and movements when entering/exiting predefined areas.
  • Setting up a grid of BLE beacons in order to monitor activity in real-time.
  • Monitor productivity and send safety alerts when needed


Live tracking technologies

The next generation of geofencing technologies allowing very high precision detection both indoors & outdoors with a negligible impact on the device battery.



GeoMoby™ spent years in R&D, achieved 20 times better geofencing accuracy than industry standards and delivered innovative cross-environment live-tracking intelligence.