Cultural Heritage Protection

Replacing wire fences with advanced geofences

Prevent trespassing, unauthorised entry and damage to protected indigenous sites by defining restricted areas and monitoring activity.

Send real-time alerts when crossing a protected area using advanced geofencing.

Protection of Aboriginal Heritage
Advanced Geofencing

Draw your own geofences on your own map and program them to trigger alerts even when you are offline

Access Offline Data

Visualise maps, create geofences, access accurate, immediate, and meaningful data

Total Visibility

Complete visualisation of your assets and your people, reduces the likelihood of harmful incidents

Seamless Integration

A dedicated IT team will shape our technology according to your requirements and expectations. A smooth and simple integration on our innovative and powerful platform.

Make Better Business Decisions

Worldwide patented and feature-rich, cloud solution changing the way businesses make decisions and reach people.

Triggered Alerts

Advanced processing and Bluetooth beacons, you’re covered even in complex environments and remote sites

Journey Mapping

Replay your team’s journey, visualise your workforce, and perform superior, ultra-fast journey mapping

Fast Deployment

Multi devices, cable-free, wireless, easy to set up, affordable, and seamless integration with existing systems

Cultural Heritage Protection
Key Benefits

Works offline and/or online

Reports entry/exit events live on the phone and on the GeoMoby Admin Platform

Works with phones, tablets, and smartwatches

Location data is sent as a burst to our server when connectivity is back

Geofences around key Aboriginal sites and artifacts

Feature Cultural Heritage Protection
Raw data access and formatting
Geofences around Indigenous sites and artifacts
Reports entry/exit events live on the phone and on the GeoMoby Admin Platform
Unlimited triggers on events
Smartwatches, other wearables ENQUIRE
Firmware Customisation ENQUIRE
Development of a Custom Connector ENQUIRE
GeoMoby Virtual Beacon App for Tablets ENQUIRE
Less intuition. Smarter decisions.

When you control your data, you control your future.

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