Real-Time Location and Communication System

Finally, a reliable and affordable, wireless and cable-free network, for underground mining operations.

Creating and delivering real-time location and network solutions to address mining underground concerns.

Stay informed at all times from the surface to guarantee safety underground.

Our unique and patented technology has gained unprecedented capabilities to turn data into value in real-time.

A wireless and cableless technology

Our engineers developed a 100% wireless and cable-free network underground by using BLE5 technology and unpowered nodes to generate live data.

A complete set of functionalities

  • Assets monitoring
  • High accuracy positioning engine on a long distance
  • Real-time advanced Geofencing
  • Program actions and events
  • Hyper targeted alerts
  • Individual or broadcast underground geofencing
  • Multi devices
  • Easy to set up and affordable
  • Minimal battery drain
  • 10-12 month battery life
  • Replay your team’s journey
  • Find assets to complete tasks
  • Contact tracing
  • Custom and on-demand reports
  • Asset utilisation rate
  • Heatmaps

How do we make a difference?

GeoMoby is a worldwide patented and feature-rich, cloud solution changing the way businesses make decisions and reach people.

Proprietary Underground Location System

Visualise your workforce and assets in real-time, communicate and increase productivity & safety.
Now you can see in the dark.

Underground Mobile App

Stay connected with your staff underground: send real-time messages, receive pictures and manage emergency situations.

Location-Based Data Collection

With a world-class Cross-environment Positioning System, we can help with all your personnel and asset tracking requirements.

Activity Monitoring

Capture any type of information based on the exact outdoors, indoors or underground location of staff, mine, equipment & vehicles, in real-time.

Live Mapping

With advanced processing and Bluetooth beacons, we’ve got you covered even in complex environments like multi-storey buildings and construction sites.

Analytics & Reporting

With standard metrics out of the box, contextual and behavioural analytics, we issue custom reports at your request to help you find the answers you are looking for.

High precision positioning
Real-Time Advanced Geofencing
long range mesh network
support IoT sensors

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Connect the site workforce with IoT devices and monitor their well-being in real-time. Read about our proven solutions in health and safety.

Mesh Network
GeoMoby and Cisco - White Paper - Delivering Reliable Network Connectivity and communication for Underground Mining