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The All-In-One Geofencing Solution For your Apps!

GeoMoby is the all-in-one indoor and outdoor geofencing solution for your apps.

Implement our SDK into your apps and start sending geo-messages now!

Why Us?

GeoMoby helps you create the next generation of location-aware apps

battery Super Battery Efficient

Geolocation without battery-draining pain. GeoMoby SDKs use an average of 1% per hour, ensuring your users have an optimal experience.

indoor-outdoor Indoor & Outdoor

GeoMoby can target smartphones and send messages within a few meters up to several km. Every step of the way.

globe Analytics & Reports

The GeoMoby dashboard provides rich and actionable analytics. Learn from your customers' behaviour and analyse traffic in real-time.

support Easy Integration

Simple integration into your existing apps via our SDKs or web API. Manage and synchronise your geofences to your apps in seconds.

mail Relevant Messages

Create messages in no time using our dashboard to deliver timely, personalised, and relevant content to your mobile audiences when it matters the most.

locked One Dashboard for all your apps

Manage your mobile apps location capabilities from your dashboard in the cloud or via our web API.

They Talk About Us

How Can We Help Your Business?

Use Cases

Relevant Messaging

Target the right customers at the right time and place, and drive additional revenue by adding real-time context and precise location relevance to the ads you send.


Extend your mobile strategy

Talk to your customers exactly at the right time and place – when it matters the most. Strengthen customer loyalty and brand awareness, make mobile communications relevant and refine your offerings via analytics.

Increase sales and drive loyalty

Bridge the gap between mobile, online and offline sales. Drive foot traffic to your store, develop a better wallet strategy and improve mobile engagement via geolocation analytics.


Understand more about your customers - where they go, when and for how long

Create geofences around landmarks/attractions and send a personal video message when your app users are within 100m. Learning trends and attitudes gives you the tools to better target communications: Right Place, Right Time, Right Message.

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