Location and health monitoring enabling the next generation of worksites.

Contact tracing:
Monitor geolocation,
save lives


More and more, work environments are impacted by health issues, that can lead to significant economical and social consequences for your workforce.

In a pandemic situation, studies have shown that the workplace is often the second main outbreak cluster, where the transmission rate is the highest.

Get an accurate and real-time look at your team’s geolocation and health status and make immediate decisions in case of an outbreak.

Red Earth Health Solutions were looking for solutions to gather valuable data, ensure an effective and efficient response to any outbreak of an infectious disease, therefore addressing a most probable business disruption.

4 mine sites in Western Australia accepted the challenge to monitor their teams’ health and geolocation on-site.

GeoMoby™ deployed its solution and tracked workers’ health metrics including body temperature, automatically alerting
workers and medical centers in case of any abnormal data.

With GeoMoby™’s technology contact tracing has been implemented among workers, giving deep insights about time spent on site and workers’ movement history.

  • Safety monitoring of what is happening on-site, at all times, keeping you informed in an efficient way.
  • Setting-up geofences to detect movement and trigger actions when entering/exiting predefined areas.
  • Keeping track of contacts between workers, their movements on-site and contain the spread of infectious diseases.
  • Alerting the closest medical unit about workers in distress/with fever, thanks to our real-time location monitoring system.

GeoMoby™ managed to identify 3 workers with high temperatures and provided valuable productivity data across 4 sites, that are now used to improve emergency response times.


Live tracking technologies

The next generation of geofencing technologies allowing very high precision detection both indoors & outdoors with a negligible impact on the device battery.



GeoMoby™ spent years in R&D, achieved 20 times better geofencing accuracy than industry standards and delivered innovative cross-environment live-tracking intelligence.