Geo Platform

Visualise maps, and create geofences, any shape or size.
Implement real-time asset tracking thanks to meaningful, location-based data.

Be in control.
Know where your teams and your fleet are,
in real-time.

Ensure safety on your work-site by knowing who is where. Go further and trace interactions between members of a team and replay the scenario.

You are in control.

We have created a flexible solution to gather location, contextual and health data to help our clients make better decisions.

Location-based Data Collection

With a world-class cross-environment positioning system, we can help with all your personnel and asset tracking requirements.

Activity Monitoring

Capture any type of information based on the exact outdoors, indoors or underground location of staff, equipment & vehicles, in real-time.

Analytics & Reporting

With standard metrics out of the box, contextual and behavioural analytics, we issue custom reports at your request to help you find the answers you are looking for.

World-class technology

Our SDKs provide less than 5m location accuracy with minimal battery drain thanks to our patented innovations.

Live mapping

With advanced processing and Bluetooth beacons, we’ve got you covered even in complex environments like multi-storey buildings and construction sites.

Proprietary Underground Location system

Visualise your workforce and assets in real-time, communicate and increase productivity & safety.
Now you can see in the dark.

Deploy our white label mobile application within your workforce and start gathering meaningful data.

GeoMoby’s unique technology has gained unprecedented capabilities to turn data into value in real-time. Start connecting the dots between data, analytics & business growth, and make a difference with GeoMoby!

A complete set of functionalities

  • Define flexible and multishaped geofences
  • Program actions and events
  • Indoor, outdoor and underground
  • Hyper targeted alerts
  • Welfare check
  • Body temperture,
  • Blood pressure
  • Heart Beat
  • Real-time location
  • Utilisation rate
  • 3D live map visualisation
  • Geofencing
  • IoT support
  • Replay your team’s journey
  • Find assets to complete tasks
  • Contact tracing
  • custom and on-demand reports
  • asset utilisation rate
  • heatmaps

How do we make a difference?

GeoMoby is a worldwide patented and feature-rich, cloud solution changing the way businesses make decisions and reach people.

Easy to deploy
cost effective
Built up with data privacy in mind
Multi-device support

They trust us already

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