Contact Tracing

Advanced COVID management

In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also other safety issues management on site, there is an increasing need to understand where people and assets are located and/or what their movements have been over a specific period of time.

Turn intuition into accurate, and smarter decision-making power.

GeoMoby Contact Tracing | WA Contact Tracing App | Identify Patient Zero | Direct and Indirect Contacts | Perth
Identifying Patient Zero
Improve Response Times

Trigger the right health and safety measures, and processes rapidly. Allocate the right resources and improve response time.

Access Intelligent Data

Understand what happened and prevent the spread. Where did that person go? Who was this person in contact with?

Reduce Operations Impact

Visualise maps, create geofences, implement one-click contact tracing thanks to accurate, immediate, and meaningful data.

Seamless Integration

A dedicated IT team will shape our technology according to your requirements and expectations. A smooth and simple integration on our innovative and powerful platform.

Make Better Business Decisions

Worldwide patented and feature-rich, cloud solution changing the way businesses make decisions and reach people.

Live Mapping

With the use of BLE technology, you’re covered even in complex environments.

Journey Mapping

Replay your team’s journey, visualise your workforce, and perform superior, ultra-fast contact tracing

Fast Deployment

Multi devices, cable-free, wireless, easy to set up, affordable, and seamless integration with existing systems

Contact Tracing Solution
Key Benefits

Get deep insights about the time spent onsite and workers’ movement history

Anticipate crucial medical actions onsite to avoid virus spread and save lives

Reduce the likelihood of site-wide shutdowns

Feature Contact Tracing
Raw data access and formatting
Asset visualisation outdoors, indoors and underground
Unlimited triggers on events
Analytics on health and safety
Body temperature
All-in-one watch with health metrics
Heat maps
Patient zero tree maps
Covid cluster tracking
Single-button-click contact notifier
PowerBI reports
GeoMoby Gateway Procurement ENQUIRE
Firmware Customisation ENQUIRE
Development of a Custom Connector ENQUIRE
GeoMoby Virtual Beacon App for Tablets ENQUIRE
Less intuition. Smarter decisions.

When you control your data, you control your future.

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