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What's it like to work at GeoMoby?

Professional Benefits

At GeoMoby we want our people to thrive in their professional life.

That is why we encourage our employees to develop new skills across a diverse range of projects.

Our team works on solving not only the problems of today but also the problems of tomorrow, by working with cutting-edge technology especially on mobile technology. 

Joining GeoMoby is having a positive impact every day by tackling unique problems.

Personal benefits

At GeoMoby we value your personal life and that’s why flexible hours are the norm here, to allow our employees to support family and personal commitments.

We also embrace a hybrid work style by letting our employees work from home whenever they want, encouraging a better private life to work balance.

Our values

At GeoMoby we value respect, honesty, diversity and teamwork.

We believe that collaboration is essential for a team to thrive and we trust our employees by giving them autonomy while enabling them to take part in the decision making process.

We give our team the opportunity to collaborate in our office in West Perth, but also when they choose to work from home.

What is the story behind the tech?

How an app for backpackers became a location intelligence solution revolutionising the mining industry.

Our founder & CEO, Chris, has started GeoMoby in 2013 and launched our first product in 2014.

The idea came after a backpacking trip in Australia (Chris is a French national and became Australian in 2013) where he couldn’t find real-time information based on his current location when he really needed it:

  • shark alerts when he was on a new beach
  • discounts when entering a shopping centre
  • closest loos/showers when he needed to park his van
  • any tourist attractions …

Holding a Master degree in Telecommunication and Software Engineering, Chris then decided to develop his own geofencing technology that would provide real-time information about Woolies/Coles proximities, toilets, and fuel stations based on lowest petrol price…

Following a successful few years with its SaaS product and an increasing demand in the Mining industry, GeoMoby morphed into a full B2B platform with the key mission being to help our clients improve the health and safety of their workforce, gain world-first visibility of their underground, and mining operations, and increase their productivity through enhanced asset monitoring and management.

We provide an all-in-one visibility platform allowing real-time monitoring of assets and people. Our solution is easy to deploy, cost effective and works in complex environments, online and offline, and is carrier agnostic. It allows our clients to improve their productivity thanks to various features such as advanced geofencing, machine learning, real-time geolocation algorithms, geofencing, 3D indoor, outdoor and underground mapping and automations based on customised analytics and enhancing business decisions, ensuring they are faster and based on accurate data not previously accessible.

Our footprint

We have been proof-testing our concept in complex worldwide environments to bring you priceless and rock-solid solutions.