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Mining is one of the most complex work environments, and when your staff and fleet are underground, you must be in control at all times.

Mining companies encounter daily fleet missuses, leading to severe mechanical failures and premature break of multi-million dollar vehicles.

A targeted asset monitoring could bring light on how to address this common issue and therefore save millions in productivity and efficiency.

A global mining company established in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia entrusted GeoMoby™ with the mission to:

  • implement a tailored location and communication network in an underground section of their mine
  • generate an accurate 3D map of the tunnels
  • geolocate assets in real-time
  • gather data on asset utilisation rate and speed monitoring in order to improve productivity.

GeoMoby™ create and deliver real-time location and network solutions to address underground mining concerns. Finally an affordable and reliable mesh network underground.

  • Safety monitoring of what is happening on-site, at all times, keeping you informed in an efficient way.
  • Keep track of how your assets are used on a live 3D map.
  • Monitor speed inside the tunnels in real-time to avoid prematured mechanical failures.
  • Trigger geofencing alerts if an abnormal utilisation is detected.


Live tracking technologies

The next generation of geofencing technologies allowing very high precision detection both indoors & outdoors with a negligible impact on the device battery.



GeoMoby™ spent years in R&D, achieved 20 times better geofencing accuracy than industry standards and delivered innovative cross-environment live-tracking intelligence.