GeoMoby teams up with Cisco to bolster underground mining safety

Australian mining technology company GeoMoby is teaming up with global US-based technology company Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO).

The complementary technology of both companies aims to improve safety and operations in underground mining, as the mines of the future become smarter.

US$216.73 billion market capitalisation company Cisco develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment and other high-technology services and products.

GeoMoby will utilise, extend, and enhance Cisco’s technology within mining operations. The result is an implementable mining platform that enables continual optimisation of operations and safety in underground mining.

In a recent blog on underground mining, Cisco said the opportunity with GeoMoby could provide a range of benefits including reduction or elimination of gaps in network connectivity and communication, as well as all-in-one 3D map and real-time location, including existing Cisco tags and infrastructure.

Perth-based GeoMoby, which was founded in 2013 by CEO Chris Baudia, provides an all-in-one, visibility platform allowing real-time monitoring of assets and people. The company’s objective is to change the way businesses make decisions and reach people.

GeoMoby’s technology is based on Bluetooth and a proprietary mesh network. Nodes are bright green and the size of a lunchbox with many fixed throughout mines. The firm has a patent for its underground location technology, which can be installed onsite without the need for electricians.

The technology is fully wireless and cable free. Underground installation generally takes less than an hour of training.

GeoMoby director Mathieu Paul says GeoMoby’s innovative technology has been rigorously tested by Cisco and has been proven to ‘vastly’ improve underground mining visibility, the ability to locate assets and people in real-time, and protect people.

“With the support of Cisco, the GeoMoby team is looking forward to rolling out our technology to many of the world’s largest underground mines over the coming years.”

In Perth, Baudia says working alongside Cisco is a significant development and will accelerate the company’s growth in Australia and overseas.

“We look forward to working closely together as we continue to improve safety in underground mining and ultimately accelerate the digitalisation and automation of the industry.

One high-level industry expert told us there is no one better than GeoMoby, right now, in underground communication technology in the world. This is a very important recommendation for our product.

The world is changing – environmental and heritage concerns are driving more and more mines underground. There is a demand to make those mines operate more productively and keep workers safer.

“The world is changing – environmental and heritage concerns are driving more and more mines underground. There is a demand to make those mines operate more productively and keep workers safer”

Cisco – which is the premium technology provider for mines in the world – has recognised the innovative technology approach of GeoMoby can be of real and immediate benefit in underground mining safety.”

Baudia was inspired to create GeoMoby underground technology on a visit to Australia from France more than a decade ago after hearing about an underground mine collapse. Lives were lost and rescue efforts were negatively affected by not knowing, in any accurate way, where those trapped were located. He then sought to develop a technology to avoid, or greatly improve, positive outcomes in such incidents in the future.

Baudia adds that many underground mines – in Western Australia and the world – still use outdated employee monitoring systems that revolve around whiteboards, spreadsheets, and tag boards. Mistakes concerning equipment and people can easily be made, especially at the change of shift crews or during an emergency.

“There are no excuses in 2023 – our technology can monitor workers at all times, making sure everyone returns home safely, every single day. It is a valuable, modern tool in the kitbag of any mine manager ensuring the health and safety of large teams, working underground.

Companies always need to know where their people are underground otherwise – in an emergency – response times can lag. Too often, in underground mining, there can be an inability to quickly and accurately locate personnel involved in critical incidents so the relevant emergency response can be employed in a timely manner.”

In September 2021, Andrew Rouse – an experienced mining professional with a passion for enhancing the METS (mining equipment technology services) sector – joined GeoMoby as a director.

In late 2022, GeoMoby undertook raised $3 million in capital, the second funding round undertaken since its inception. The first was in 2021 when the company raised $1.25 million.

GeoMoby has a patent for its underground location technology.


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GeoMoby teams up with Cisco to bolster underground mining safety