Underground Safety: Mining Technology Company GeoMoby Partners with Digital Terrain to Monitor Gases Such as Carbon Monoxide and Methane

Australian mining location technology company GeoMoby – shaping the future of location intelligence – has partnered with Sydney-based, Digital Terrain, to offer real-time monitoring of environmental conditions in underground mines.

“Temperature and potentially-lethal gases such as carbon monoxide or methane can easily be remotely monitored, recorded and alerts triggered if needed,” says Mathieu Paul, director of GeoMoby.


​​​​​​​Digital Terrain’s RDI-EMS can monitor temperature (wet and dry bulb), wide (speed and direction), humidity, gases and dust. Gas sensors can detect oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, methane and ammonia. It also detects a firing and sends a message to the blast crew when it is best to start conducting re-entries. This saves valuable time, especially in single heading independent firing situations.

“Essentially Digital Terrain has the technology to monitor many conditions – from levels of gases, such as oxygen, to the temperature in underground mines – and GeoMoby has the technology to use Digital Terrain’s data, from its recording devices, to use that information to trigger alarms if necessary,” says Paul.

“We know this is the best, most accurate solution for environmental monitoring in underground minesites in Australia right now. Both our technologies are fully integrated. For example, if Digital Terrain detects too much carbon monoxide or methane in the mine’s atmosphere, then GeoMoby real-time systems trigger alerts for management and an emergency response can be rolled out much faster and more efficiently. We know this new technology will save lives, in the hazardous environments of underground mines.”

GeoMoby has installed the technology to several large Australian mines. Digital Terrain will establish the improved technology in the systems of current and established Digital Terrain clients, while GeoMoby will manage the client relationships with its new clients.

Digital Terrain chief executive officer Andrew Rouse said: “GeoMoby and Digital Terrain’s relationship continues to grow – from an initial reseller appointment of GeoMoby products to now starting to integrate our solutions together. We will continue to identify more collaboration opportunities across our combined customer base, delivering valueadding solutions to our customers.”

CEO and founder of GeoMoby, Chris Baudia said: “This is another important adaption of our technology to help keep workers safe, so they can return to their families every single day. The ability to record environmental information will also help improve mining conditions and operations for the future and we are delighted to join with Digital Terrain to do that.”

Please see a video example of GeoMoby’s flagship technology here: https://geomoby.com/case-study/undergroundasset-management/


Read the full article here – https://www.azomining.com/News.aspx?newsID=17441

Underground Safety: Mining Technology Company GeoMoby Partners with Digital Terrain to Monitor Gases Such as Carbon Monoxide and Methane