Technology reducing risks for record mining workforce

Australia’s resources and energy workforce could potentially exceed 300,000 as early as next year, and it is forecast to continue growing, meaning workplace safety is more important now than ever.

According to the Australian Resources & Energy Employer Association (AREEA), the Australian resources and energy industry directly employed roughly 295,200 people as of May 2022, the highest level of employment ever recorded by the industry.

AREEA revealed in its recent Resources and Energy Workforce Forecast that an additional 24,000 employees could be needed by the industry between 2022 and 2027.

More workers mean an increasing risk for accidents to occur, but technology can play a key role in mitigating some of those risks.

Wearable devices can help provide data to manage fatigue, which is the single greatest cause of accidents across a number of industries and is a continued concern in the resources and energy industry.

Monitoring key health metrics through wearable devices and incorporating fall detection sensors can also alert the closest medical response teams in the event of a medical emergency. This is of particular importance to the resources and energy industry, that can have personnel working alone in remote locations.

Wearable devices, combined with geofencing technology, can help alert workers if they are about to enter prohibited or hazardous areas. It can also alert employers of team members potentially straying into prohibited zones.

Additionally, this technology can be used to locate and alert at risk team members during an emergency. Triggering the right safety measures and processes early can help reduce risks in situations where every minute counts.

Real-time location and network solutions are vital in enhancing mining and underground workplace safety.

GeoMoby’s technology allows operators to visualise their complex mine site operations, detect emergency situations and act immediately.

Utilising technology to visualise their workforce, operators can stay informed and in control from anywhere, and at any time, to guarantee the safety of their workforce underground, above ground or indoors.

The key benefits of GeoMoby’s technology include:

  • Accurate, real-time location and communication network to guarantee the safety of your people indoors, outdoors and underground
  • Generate customised analytics so you can learn how to manage your workforce in the most secure, efficient and productive way
  • Combine output with dynamic scheduling tools to enable agile operations

Learn more about GeoMoby’s advanced technology solution here.