Local Investors back GeoMoby

Have you seen the latest? GeoMoby CEO & Founder, Christophe (Chris) Baudia features in the Innovation & Technology section in an article written by Mark Pownall in today’s Business News digital edition.

Local Investors back GeoMoby

At GeoMoby, we believe in making sure that all workers return home safely, every, single, day.

Our solutions provide you with eyes and ears in the dark, across all of your operations by utilising the power of location technologies and intelligence.

We are supercharging the ability to visualise your people and assets across all environments, on the surface, indoors, and underground.

If cost-effective, portable, batter-powered (10-12 months battery, and rechargeable), cable free, wireless infrastructure that delivers 3D live mapping displaying your people and assets moving around underground, in real-time, is of interest, get in touch – contact@geomoby.com.

Our solutions are fast to deploy and are all done with zero interruptions to operations.

Don’t need a chat? Just want to start a pilot or a trial, you can do that too – https://geomoby.com/get-started.

Thanks again for the write up Mark!


Read the full article here – https://www.businessnews.com.au/article/Local-investors-back-GeoMoby

GeoMoby’s World-First Technology Achieves Real Time Ground-to-Surface Sound, Picture and Video Connectivity