GeoMoby’s World-First Technology Achieves Real Time Ground-to-Surface Sound, Picture and Video Connectivity

A technical advancement made by Perth-based geolocation company, GeoMoby, will connect underground mine workers to the surface, like never before.

Developed by Australian geolocation intelligence company GeoMoby’s the state-of-the-art technology is transforming the way mining companies can communicate and monitor operations.

GeoMoby recently tested their location and communication network, implemented in an underground section of Karora Resources’ gold and nickel Beta Hunt mine, in Kalgoorlie.

Results gathered from the project confirms the possibility of live audio and video streams in real time, using Bluetooth Low Energy.

Before now, audio and video communication from underground to the surface has only been possible with WIFI-powered wireless networks.

Bluetooth capabilities enable mining companies to reach optimal connectivity without having to stop operations – at a large cost to the business – to lay cables and wires throughout the site.

The technology allows the transfer of live audio and video streams to the surface in real time, in addition to existing real-time location, messaging and photo transfer capabilities, ensuring surface teams can have eyes and ears underground.

GeoMoby CEO Chris Baudia said the ultra-high speed wireless network powered by Bluetooth Low Energy was able to transfer a range of important operations information from down the hole to the surface.

“Using our point-to-point network of nodes and technology platform, we have been able to stream audio and video in high quality and real time to the surface, allowing those above ground to hear and see what’s going on beneath them,” he said.

Mr Baudia said the simple, cable free, low disruption deployment method was a game changer for miners looking to improve their communication with minimal interference to operations.

“Key data transferred from underground to surface includes speed calculation alerts for vehicles and machinery, proximity awareness and real time proximity detection alerts.

“These features, along with file transfer and geofencing technology, are being delivered through our updated Underground Zero Harm application, giving miners the advantage of a one stop technology shop for monitoring people and assets.”

GeoMoby recently rolled out a wireless point-to-point network at the Karora Resources gold and nickel mine.

The deployment involved the installation of 16 nodes across 2km of underground mine tunnels and was completed in 2.5 hours, with no impact on the mine’s operations.

It connects a range of devices – both personal and company issue – directly to nodes, which combine to feed information in to the platform for users to see.

“Our benchmark is entry level technicians correctly positioning or replacing nodes with no or minimal assistance from GeoMoby,” Mr Baudia said.

“Software diagnostic tools incorporated into the platform allow site personnel to detect any fault in the network and respond immediately, which is critical to ensuring communications remain intact at all times.”

Karora Senior OHS adviser Jody Herd said there had been a step change in operator behaviour since the GeoMoby technology was installed.

“We have 120 people on site at any given time,” he said.

“Previously we tracked personnel and equipment underground the old school way with tag board systems, so we didn’t always know where everyone was at any given time without using a radio.

“We’ve already seen a change in operator behaviour due to workers understanding that machines are now monitored using the GeoMoby solution.”

Mr Baudia said GeoMoby was currently working through added use cases of contact tracing capability in the instance of infectious disease entering sites, individual health monitoring, and geofencing solutions.

To view the Karora Resources case study click here.

This article was published on page 14 of the Australian Mining Review May Edition, view it here.

GeoMoby’s World-First Technology Achieves Real Time Ground-to-Surface Sound, Picture and Video Connectivity