GeoMoby and RAC team up to improve lives and provide a positive impact

A six-month motion insights app trial conducted by location intelligence company GeoMoby and RAC helped participants measure their lifestyle choices, resulting in improvements in their health, fitness and wellbeing.

GeoMoby partnered with RAC to develop and trial The Lifestyle App between July and December 2021, which allowed participants who opted in to measure, collect and report on various behaviours.

The trial found positive behavioural modifications were achieved by rewarding participants who successfully completed progressive lifestyle choice challenges.

GeoMoby Director Chris Baudia said development of The Lifestyle App involved the deployment of his company’s technology across a range of locations to help capture data.

“The technology was linked to participants so it could measure when trips started and ended and identified the mode of transport being used,” he said.

“To measure wellness, we applied an algorithm to calculate sleep time and measure steps. The aim was to assist people in reducing fatigue and encourage a more active lifestyle.”

Challenges included getting a good night’s sleep to reduce fatigue and a range of road user-based tasks such as avoiding high-risk traffic zones by choosing alternative routes.

Other challenges focused on using alternative modes of transport to help reduce carbon emissions and a step challenge encouraging people to get more active.

Mr Baudia said the app’s mobile and web-based dashboards allowed participants to monitor their progress in real time, meet specific goals and get rewarded for positive behaviour choices.

“What we found was participants responded positively when rewarded, resulting in modification of behaviour with better health and wellbeing outcomes,” he said.

Following the trial period:

  • 66 per cent of users reported the app had made a positive impact in their everyday lives; and
  • 91 per cent expressed an interest in taking part in future trials.