Mantener seguros a los mineros: GeoMoby

Después recaudando $3M recientemente, empresa de tecnología con sede en Perth geomoby ha completado con éxito pruebas in situ en varias ubicaciones mineras con su sistema de nodos de comunicación geolocalizable.

As Western Australia’s largest sector (worth 47% of gross state product), it is vital the resources sector stays up to date, said GeoMoby founder Chris Baudía.

“Many underground mines in Western Australia and the world still use employee monitoring systems that revolve around whiteboards and bits of cardboard,” Chris said.
Mantener a los mineros seguros: GeoMoby
Mistakes concerning equipment and people can easily be made, especially at the change of shift crews or during an emergency. There are no excuses in 2023 – our technology can monitor workers at all times, making sure everyone returns home safely, every single day.

Chris Baudia, GeoMoby

“It is a valuable, modern tool in the kitbag of any mine manager ensuring the health and safety of large teams, working underground,” he said.

A graduate from the Perth’s first Founder Institute cohort, as well as Plus Eight, GeoMoby’s devices, known as ‘nodes’, enable constant communication underground as well as a 360-degree video viewing platform and location tagging to identify assets and personnel in the case of an emergency.

Utilizando inteligencia de ubicación, geolocalización, datos contextuales, geocercas, análisis de comportamiento y redes inalámbricas y sin cables, GeoMoby proporciona una plataforma de seguimiento en vivo (LTP) hiperprecisa y un sistema de ubicación en tiempo real (RTLS) para operadores y operaciones subterráneas y de superficie.

Mantener a los mineros seguros: GeoMobyLos nodos brillantes son fáciles de detectar en minas subterráneas oscuras.

La tecnología rica en funciones también permite a los usuarios activar alertas y acciones basadas en el tiempo de permanencia, la temperatura corporal, el clima, el tráfico en tiempo real, el perfil del usuario y más.

Técnicos especializados pueden instalar los nodos de color verde brillante, del tamaño de una lonchera, en la infraestructura actual en cuestión de horas.

Life is not all that’s at stake

As well as the obvious moral incentives to consider, Western Australia’s new Work, Health and Safety legislation means stricter measures and hefty fines add financial motivation.

The new WHS Act introduces the offence of ‘industrial manslaughter’, an act carrying a maximum penalty of 20 years’ imprisonment and $5m fine for an individual, and a maximum fine of $10m for a corporation or employer.

Chris, originario de Francia, desarrolló la tecnología después de enterarse del desastroso colapso de una mina subterránea donde el rescate se vio inhibido por la falta de conocimiento preciso sobre dónde se encontraban las personas.

It is imperative that every team member returns safely to their families at the end of their shift, but what you can’t measure, you can’t manage.

Chris Baudía.

“In addition, our research indicates that right now millions of dollars are being unnecessarily lost underground.

“Lack of accurate asset tracking leads to vehicles and equipment being lost in tunnels, underutilized, used improperly or unable to be located at all.

“Our technology can be connected to valuable equipment to keep it safe as well as people.”


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Mantener seguros a los mineros: GeoMoby