Minas inteligentes del futuro: GeoMoby trabajará junto con Cisco Systems

Australian technology company GeoMoby – shaping the future of location intelligence – works alongside US-based Cisco Systems Underground Mining Solutions to extract telemetry to be visualised by GeoMoby. The complementary technology of both companies will improve safety and operations in underground mining, as the mines of the future become smarter.

In Perth, Chris Baudia – founder and CEO of GeoMoby – said: “We are delighted to work alongside leading global technology company Cisco. This is a significant development for our company and it will accelerate our growth in Australia and overseas. We look forward to working closely together as we continue to improve safety in underground mining and ultimately accelerate the digitalization and automation of the industry.

“One comment was that there is no one better than GeoMoby, right now, in underground communication technology in the world. This is a very important recommendation for our product.


“The world is changing – environmental and heritage concerns are driving more and more mines underground. There is a demand to make those mines operate more productively and keep workers safer. Cisco, which is the premium technology provider for mines in the world, has recognised the innovative technology approach of GeoMoby communications technology can be of real and immediate benefit in underground mining safety.

“GeoMoby and our technology, which is complementary to Cisco’s, is assisting Cisco fulfill their clients’ objectives.”

Cisco informó: “Enabling autonomous operations and understanding the location of people and assets, in real time, are necessary for realizing fully operational smart mines. Smart mines require the ability to make good decisions based on large volumes of data, specifically within tunnels.

“A common goal of both GeoMoby and Cisco is to accelerate the digitalization of the mining industry. GeoMoby uses, extends and enhances Cisco technology within mining operations. The result is a readily implementable mining platform that enables continual optimization of operations and safety in underground mining.”

En un blog reciente sobre minería subterránea, Cisco dijo que la oportunidad con GeoMoby podría brindar:

  1. Reducción o eliminación de brechas en la conectividad y comunicación de la red.
  2. Mapa 3D todo en uno y ubicación en tiempo real, incluidas las etiquetas e infraestructura de Cisco existentes.
  3. Convergencia entre OT/IT: gestión del tráfico, automatización de la ventilación, sensores IoT, recopilación de datos.
  4. El nuevo plan de soluciones amplía el valor para los clientes que utilizan soluciones de Cisco y socios especializados del ecosistema como GeoMoby.

El director de GeoMoby, Mathieu Paul, dijo: “GeoMoby’s innovative technology has been rigorously tested by Cisco and has been proven to vastly improve underground mining visibility; the ability to locate assets and people in real-time; and protect people. With the support of Cisco, the GeoMoby team is looking forward to rolling out our technology to many of the world’s largest underground mines over the coming years.”

Here is a link to a film showing GeoMoby’s flagship technology used in underground mines: https://geomoby.com/case-study/underground-asset-management/

Aquí hay un enlace al blog de Cisco Systems sobre la nueva asociación con GeoMoby: https://blogs.cisco.com/internet-of-things/mining-innovation-underground-mining-visibility-locating-assets-and-protecting-people


Read the full article here – https://www.azomining.com/News.aspx?newsID=17649

Minas inteligentes del futuro: GeoMoby trabajará junto con Cisco Systems