What is Geofencing?

It is a virtual boundary around a real-world location.

In just a few clicks, you can deploy infinite geofences/microfences around any venue. Each time your users trigger a geofence you create, your app can deliver messages, load relevant content, process a payment or modify UX to the user’s physical environment.

GeoMoby allows app developers and marketers to define multiple points of interest (POI) and trigger actions depending on multiple criteria in relation to the geofences.

Create Your Geofences


Create your geofences and define a radius ranging from 50m to several hundreds of kilometers if you want too depending on the people you want to target (nearby store, cities...).

Use our Search engine or right-click on the map: it is as easy as that!

In the GeoMoby Dashboard you can also create microfences !

Design Your Geo-Message


A geo-message is a set of data that will be sent to your device and interpreted by our SDK. Then you can decide to build your own logic once the message is received: play a sound, display a picture, trigger a payment transaction...

Make It Relevant To Your Audience


The GeoMoby platform offers a wide range of 'trigger' options for you to make sure that you will send the rigth message to the right audience at the right time and place meaning higher conversion rates and happier customers!

With these features you can personalise the geo-messages based on a user profile, time of the day, gender etc etc



GeoMoby offers extensive real time insights. You can access these analytics in the GeoMoby Dashboard.

Applications Manager


The GeoMoby dashboard gives you a great overview of all your geofences. Edit both Alerts and Geofences simply by clicking on them.