Australian technology company GeoMoby has been contracted by Kalgoorlie-based Topdrill’s wholly-owned subsidiary, JBC Contracting, to roll out GeoMoby’s Protect technology to 30 drilling rigs working in its Australian operations.

It is the first time a large exploration drilling contractor will begin to incorporate GeoMoby’s Protect technology fully into its operations.

Protect uses location services including GPS, fusion sensors and GeoMoby’s own patented live tracking algorithms in order to geofence sites and trigger an alert if users enter or come within close proximity of a heritage site, even in remote areas with no connectivity. Receivers can be carried on-person, in vehicles, machinery or equipment, with the app compatible to most modern devices including smart phones and tablets, according to the company.

La technologie permet aux personnes opérant sur site de créer ou de télécharger des barrières géographiques sur une carte à partir de n'importe quel système SIG, puis de définir différentes alertes et déclencheurs, tout en garantissant une consommation minimale de la batterie de l'appareil. Les informations sont ensuite téléchargées sur une plate-forme basée sur le cloud avec des fonctionnalités de relecture et des capacités de reporting à des fins de conformité.

GeoMoby Director, Mathieu Paul, said: “We are delighted to collaborate with one of Australia’s largest and most professional drilling contractors, in Topdrill. We look forward to working together with Tim Topham and the team, using GeoMoby location intelligence technology, to improve the protection of Aboriginal cultural heritage and environmental sites in Australia and around the globe.”

Tim Topham, founder and Managing Director of Topdrill Drilling, said: “Topdrill is known for challenging the industry with innovative solutions and thinking outside the ‘drill bit’. We have carefully researched GeoMoby’s extensive suite of Protect applications and believe it is top of its class. Its automatic reporting capability will immediately improve our ESG reporting for Topdrill’s mining clients.”

GeoMoby founder and CEO, Chris Baudia, added: “GeoMoby’s Protect is a key offering in the GeoMoby product line-up which includes three main geolocation solutions for underground mining, surface mining and cultural heritage protection. After years in development and testing, it is great to see Protect having a concrete start in the exploration industry in Western Australia. We believe our easy-to-use technology will soon become industry standard.”


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